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About Family Values

At Family Values, we provide family support by providing evidence-based interventions and practical strategies to help children and young people achieve the best outcomes possible.

South West Family Values C.I.C (SWFV) is an established early intervention, not for profit company, in Torbay and South Devon. Our vision is to inspire lifelong learning, advance parenting knowledge, and strengthen our communities.

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Our behavioural consultancy is so much more than just FAMILY therapy

Why you need to consider behavioural consultancy services

Parenting is, without a doubt, one of the most challenging yet joyous parts of life. As parents, you’re not only responsible for meeting your child’s physical and emotional needs but also tasked with preparing them for life by improving their social skills and behaviours. For many parents, new and experienced, this can be truly difficult. However, you should know that you’re not alone and that we are here to help.

While parenting on its own is hard, various factors still complicate parenting further. These factors can effectively change the way parents cope with their children, relate to their kids, and destabilise the entire family structure.

Parent challenges

From providing consistent care, lack of sleep, financial stress, and being on hand to attend to your child’s various needs, along with planning and scheduling your day, simply adding one more task to an already full list can offset the entire balance. This leaves a parent with little room or time for maintaining their own relations, self-care or engagement in any additional interests or hobbies. Also, the physically demanding nature of parenting can drain you, resulting in a feeling of being overworked.

In addition to this, parents with children who have physical or developmental disabilities require even more care and medical treatment. Self-care can become near impossible when there is more than one child to consider, which further leads to feelings of guilt and inadequacy for the parent by not being able to provide equal attention and care to all their children if just one child requires that special, specific care.

Behavioural consultancy for parents

Behavioural consultancy is a specialised service that works with parents to assist them in dealing with the challenging aspects of parenting. This service also helps parents overcome past or present experiences that may be affecting the way they relate to their children. In many cases, behavioural consultancy services also assist parents in better communicating with each other and improving their relationships by having an executable game plan.

This service also provides guilt-free sessions for parents to discuss challenging moments in their parenting journeys and empowers parents with techniques to assist them in working through such circumstances in future. Overall, behavioural consultancy services aim to provide parents with guidance, support, knowledge, and tools to take care of their children in the best possible way.

Who needs behavioural consultancy services?

While these services can benefit all parents, you may find that some types of parents will benefit even more from behavioural consultancy services than others. These are parents with additional circumstances on their already-full plate, such as parents who suffered from abuse, parents with marital issues, and even parents going through a divorce. Circumstances differ for everyone, and knowing that you have someone in your corner can make all the difference.

The behavioural consultancy services we offer have also proven to be a successful coping method for parents with health problems, substance abuse, and those dealing with loss – whether in the form of a loved one, a pet, or even a job. It has also been proven to be particularly successful with unpacking and overcoming parents’ unresolved childhood issues.

At Family Values, we provide family support by engaging evidence-based interventions and practical strategies to help children and young people achieve the best outcomes possible.

Our services are available for commissioning to schools, local authorities, Public Health, and the private sector, and we also run grant-funded programmes. Family Values offers one-to-one therapy with our Positive Behaviour Consultants online and in-person for parents, guardians, and social care professionals.

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If you or your loved ones are experiencing any difficulty with parenthood or are simply interested in finding out more about how behavioural consultancy services can make a difference in your life, please schedule a call with us: