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Parent Therapy & Support for Young People

Learn new strategies to promote positive behaviour in children.
For parents of young children and teenagers.

Family Support

A family support worker is someone who helps families in need of practical or emotional support, particularly when difficulties arise around parenting and the wellbeing of children.

Low Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

This is a clinical intervention, delivered by a fully qualified PG Cert Psychotherapist in low intensity CBT. CBT Therapists work with young people who are experiencing low mood, anxiety & behavioural difficulties.

Attendance and Welfare Service

The Attendance Officer uses attendance data in school to identify cases of low attendance & then will begin work with the family to help improve attendance.

Drawing and Talking Therapy

This is a clinical intervention, delivered by a fully qualified PG Dip Psychotherapist in Parent Therapy. Drawing & Talking is a safe, nonintrusive therapeutic method of working with children who may have underlying emotional difficulties, or have suffered some form of trauma, loss or upheaval.

Helping the Noncompliant Child

This is a clinical intervention, delivered by a fully qualified PG Dip Psychotherapist in Parent Therapy. The HNC programme includes both the parent & the child together in the sessions with the overall aim of developing a positive relationship between parent & child.

From Timid To Tiger

A clinical intervention, delivered by a fully qualified PG Dip Psychotherapist in Parent Therapy. From Timid to Tiger is a parenting based approach to managing anxiety in primary school aged children. It is based on evidence that anxious children benefit from a parenting style that is clear, calm & consistent.

Teen Work

Our 8 session parenting programme is co-written by fully qualified PG Dip Psychotherapists in Parent Therapy & school teachers. It focuses on social & emotional coaching, educating parents on psychology & anxiety, strategies to manage anxiety, praise for positive behaviour & appropriate consequences.

Incredible Years

A clinical intervention, delivered by a fully qualified PG Dip Psychotherapist in Parent Therapy. Designed to strengthen parent/child interactions & promote positive attachments & support parents to reduce harsh discipline measures. The overall aim is to reduce emotional & behavioural difficulties & increase academic attainment.

Advanced Parenting

At Family Values, we provide support for parents by providing evidence-based interventions and practical strategies. These help families, children and young people achieve the best outcomes possible.

South West Family Values C.I.C (SWFV) is an established early intervention, not for profit company, operating in Torbay, South Devon and Hampshire. Our vision is to inspire lifelong learning, advance parenting knowledge, and strengthen our communities.

“We work to empower parents and children to help them build positive relationships,
achieve realistic goals and strengthen our community”

– Family Values

Hear From Our Clients

Please note that names have been kept anonymous for privacy of our clients.

I am so happy that I took part in this group. The support from the therapists was amazing and the group helped me to see that I was not alone with struggling with my child’s challenging behaviour. I can’t put into words how much this course has helped me and my family. Things are much more happier at home. Thank you.

Incredible Years


You have taught us the importance of play and quality time, helped me to understand my child’s anxieties and praise has now become a natural thing in our house. I am able to better understand my child as a person now. Your service has really opened my eyes to it all. Thank you so much. I really will miss our sessions.

From Timid to Tiger


I felt that I was listened to and helped with some really difficult behaviour. I was talked through various strategies whilst certain behaviours occurred during the sessions. I was made to feel at ease from the first meeting. I was never made to feel like a failure and always given a boost when I needed one.

Helping the Non compliant Child


We are so happy that there is some support for our daughter with a really difficult time in our lives. She doesn’t like to talk to us but she looks forward to her sessions with you.

Drawing & Talking Therapy


“I feel excited and happy when you come to see me. After I feel like lots of my worries have gone away and my problems get solved. I wanted a therapist and you are really kind. I feel thankful because I am glad my parents found you.”

Veteran's Foundation Work


I think the service is a great go to for schools in order to support families. Schools would love to have someone carrying out this work but it just isn't possible, so to be able to have this with Family Values is so valuable. They have worked with several families in a variety of situations and this has greatly benefited both the parents and the children.

Assistant Headteacher

Berrywood Primary School, Southampton

Support for Schools

Do you have students who disrupt classes, show little engagement and struggle with poor attendance? Have you drawn on all the resources available to you and are now stuck on how best to support challenging students, or students with emotional and mental health challenges?

They could be the one in six children aged between 5-16 the NHS believes are suffering from mental health disorders.

Now we know the problem, how do we solve it? There’s only so much teachers can do at school. The situation is unlikely to change at school if it’s not changed at home.

Our behavioural consultancy is so much more than just therapy. It's support for the whole family!

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Why you need to consider behavioural consultancy services

Parenting is, without a doubt, one of the most challenging yet joyous parts of life. As parents, you’re not only responsible for meeting your child’s physical and emotional needs but also tasked with preparing them for life by improving their social skills and behaviours. For many parents, new and experienced, this can be truly difficult. However, you should know that you’re not alone and that we are here to help.

While parenting on its own is hard, various factors still complicate parenting further. These factors can effectively change the way parents cope with their children, relate to their kids, and destabilise the entire family structure.

Family support for your parental challenges

From providing consistent care, lack of sleep, financial stress, and being on hand to attend to your child’s various needs, along with planning and scheduling your day, simply adding one more task to an already full list can offset the entire balance. This leaves a parent with little room or time for maintaining their own relations, self-care or engagement in any additional interests or hobbies. Also, the physically demanding nature of parenting can drain you, resulting in a feeling of being overworked.

In addition to this, parents with children who have physical or developmental disabilities require even more care and medical treatment. Self-care can become near impossible when there is more than one child to consider, which further leads to feelings of guilt and inadequacy for the parent by not being able to provide equal attention and care to all their children if just one child requires that special, specific care.

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family support - therapy

Behavioural consultancy and family support for parents

Behavioural consultancy is a specialised service that works with parents to assist them in dealing with the challenging aspects of parenting. This service also helps parents overcome past or present experiences that may be affecting the way they relate to their children. In many cases, behavioural consultancy services also assist parents in better communicating with each other and improving their relationships by having an executable game plan.

This service also provides guilt-free sessions for parents to discuss challenging moments in their parenting journeys and empowers parents with techniques to assist them in working through such circumstances in future. Overall, behavioural consultancy services aim to provide parents with guidance, support, knowledge, and tools to take care of their children in the best possible way.

Who needs behavioural consultancy services?

While these services can benefit all parents, you may find that some types of parents will benefit even more from behavioural consultancy services than others. These are parents with additional circumstances on their already-full plate, such as parents who suffered from abuse, parents with marital issues, and even parents going through a divorce. Circumstances differ for everyone, and knowing that you have someone in your corner can make all the difference.

The behavioural consultancy services we offer have also proven to be a successful coping method for parents with health problems, substance abuse, and those dealing with loss – whether in the form of a loved one, a pet, or even a job. It has also been proven to be particularly successful with unpacking and overcoming parents’ unresolved childhood issues.

We provide family support by engaging evidence-based interventions and practical strategies. Our services are available for commissioning to schools, local authorities, Public Health, and the private sector, and we also run grant-funded programmes. 

Family Values offers one-to-one therapy with our Positive Behaviour Consultants online and in-person. This service is available for parents, guardians, and social care professionals.

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One-to-One Online Parenting Consultations
for Advice and family Support

Schedule a call with us if:

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