About Family Values

Support for parents and young people with family values

South West Family Values C.I.C is an established not for profit company focused on early intervention therapy. We are situated in Devon and Hampshire, trading as Family Values. Our core focus being to improve the emotional wellbeing of children and young people through parenting support and strategies to help young children.

SWFV was established in March 2014 to provide early intervention, family support services in Torbay. Since then, we have grown and now deliver evidence based psychological therapies to children and parents in Devon and Hampshire. SWFV works in partnership with the local authority and other agencies such as Checkpoint, Health Education England (HEE), NHS and Schools, to deliver services to families with the aim of improving the emotional wellbeing of
children and young people.

SWFV has a team of Family Support Workers, Attendance and Welfare Officers, Psychological Therapists, and Clinical Supervisors, delivering services throughout Torbay and South Devon, also has a small team in Hampshire. Our Psychological Therapists are trained at post-graduate level to deliver evidence-based interventions. These interventions are targeted at reducing anxiety, depression and conduct disorder in children and young people. We work either directly with the children or with the parents. 

This level of therapy is specifically designed to target children who do NOT meet the threshold for local CAMHS services but who, if left untreated, are highly likely to develop severe psychological disorders resulting in the requirement for statutory interventions from CAMHS or children’s social care. SWFV has been delivering these interventions for 8 years and are seeing an increase in demand for services for children experiencing anxiety, depression, emotional dysregulation and conduct disorders.

Our Vision

We believe that families who work together are the foundation for safe and healthy communities. All children can be happy, safe, cared for and reach their dreams through the adults that support them. We want all children and their families to have access to appropriate support, so that they can learn how to improve their quality of life.

Our Mission

To provide and support a skilled and experienced team who work collaboratively and creatively with a diverse range of community and specialist partnerships in a service that puts supporting families at the heart of each day. We invest our time, skills and energy in empowering children, families and communities to engage in partnership, making a real positive difference to the lives of children and their families. Transforming lives, services and outcomes through supporting parents and young children.

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If you or your loved ones are experiencing any difficulty with parenthood and need parenting support or support for your young person, please schedule a call with us: