About Us

South West Family Values CIC (SWFV) is a Community Interest Company based in Torbay. Our vision is to inspire lifelong learning, advance parenting knowledge, and strengthen our communities in Torbay and the South West.


South West Family Values was established in March 2014. Cuts to preventative services locally around this time meant responsibility to work with families with perceived low-level need for intervention and support (level 2 on child’s journey) was deferred to schools from the Local Authority. In the current climate of commissioning services locally to save on cost and attempt to make services more efficient, SWFV has become a partner of the LA alongside other agencies such as Checkpoint and CAMHS and works together with partners to improve outcomes for children in Torbay.


We work to empower parents and children to help them build positive relationships, achieve realistic goals and strengthen our community. Responding to the current trend within government towards decentralisation and localism, and empowering local people to take action, we aim to bridge gaps in current service provision by providing a high-quality affordable, early intervention family support and school attendance service, for schools and our partners in the public and voluntary sector.


SWFV has grown year on year and currently has twelve employees providing family support and attendance work in nine schools in Torbay and Teignbridge. We provide volunteering and training opportunities for parents who wish to get involved and learn new skills which could lead to employment opportunities.

Our Vision

We believe that families who work together are the foundation for safe and healthy communities, that all children can be happy, safe and cared for and that the adults in their lives can support them to reach for their dreams.

We want all children, young people and their families to have access to appropriate support so that they can learn how to improve their quality of life.

Our Mission

To provide and support a skilled and experienced team who work collaboratively and creatively with a diverse range of community and specialist partnerships in a service that puts supporting families at the heart of each day. We invest our time, skills and energy in empowering children, families and communities to engage in partnership, making a real positive difference to the lives of children and their families – transforming lives, services and outcomes.