Supporting Your Child with Anxiety

From Timid to tiger is a positive parenting-based approach to managing anxiety in children. It is based on evidence that anxious children benefit from a parenting style that is clear, calm and consistent whilst being sympathetic to the symptoms that children feel as a result of anxiety. Many children struggle to articulate their thoughts, feelings […]

Timid tiger

The local CCG has recently funded South West Family Values to deliver a pilot parenting group project based on the ‘Timid to Tiger’ model. The ‘Timid To Tiger’ programme has been developed into a group programme running for 10 weeks by South West Family Values based on the work of Ben Laskey who wrote the […]

Military families

Our podcast focus this week is on Military families. Whilst doing research for grants and in our daily work we have encountered several families who for a variety of reasons have struggled with issues relating to a member of the family being in the military. When hearing people’s stories, it really brought home the huge […]

Teen Triple P

Tearing your hair out as your teenager takes you for granted? Wondering where that lovely little child who chatted away all day disappeared to – and how they turned into a large grunting teenager? Mark’s podcast tells you how he brought hope and some useful techniques to parents just like you! Teen Triple P is […]

Child Sexual Exploitation

Podcast Pic

There has been much coverage in the media lately regarding CSE (child sexual exploitation) – from the Child Sex Ring in Rochdale, the case of Barry Bennell, ex-football coach at Crew Alexandra and Manchester City to the recent allegations of a grooming gang in Telford – so how can we keep our children safe, recognise […]