There has been much coverage in the media lately regarding CSE (child sexual exploitation) – from the Child Sex Ring in Rochdale, the case of Barry Bennell, ex-football coach at Crew Alexandra and Manchester City to the recent allegations of a grooming gang in Telford – so how can we keep our children safe, recognise when someone is at risk of child sexual exploitation and what can we do about it?

Ann Penwell is the C.S.E. Project Worker (Training) for the ‘Checkpoint’ Children’s Society project. We were delighted that Ann agreed to take part in South West Family Values’ first ever podcast to talk about the difficult subject of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

During the podcast Ann gives a definition of CSE. She explains some of the risk indicators, who we can report our concerns to and when this needs to be done.

Around half of the SWFV team have the experience of parenting teenagers, and we found the information Ann gave to be accessible and very helpful and informative.

We hope you enjoy this podcast and watch this space for more in the future and if you would like to suggest a topic that supports parenting please do!

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Credit: Interviewer: Tracey Brennan, Editor: Craig Brennan-Osment, Music Composer: Mark Kime