Employee Mental Health Proposal

What Is the Issue?

In the UK, 13 million working days are lost each year due to stress related illness and 40% of employees stated that they would feel uncomfortable asking their manager for time off due to mental health reasons (Benstead, 2019). Further studies found that 37% of UK businesses have seen a significant increase in stress-related sickness from work over the past year (Simply Health, 2020).

The Financial Implications to UK Business

According to a study by Deloitte (2020), mental health problems at work cost the UK economy £45 billion per year. But what is the cost of mental health problems to your business? How much are you paying out in sickness benefits to employees signed off for mental health problems and will this go up in future? With the growing burden of mental health problems on the economy, the costs for UK businesses are predicted to skyrocket.

Mental Health and Work

Mental health illness presents in many forms with a multitude of triggers including stress and work-related factors.  If an employee has personal problems that are causing stress at work, the cost to the employer can escalate to cover sickness benefits, additional staff cover and management input. To manage work related stress effectively, an employer needs to recognise the impact that personal problems can have on work.

Mental Health and the Pandemic

The past year has shown family life and routines turned upside down – employees working from home whilst home schooling their children, partners in a household competing for space to work from, trying to work with the distractions of daily life and the feeling of isolation away from normal working environments. Even as life begins to return to some kind of normality with children returning to school, it is estimated that 25-30% of the workforce will continue to work from home for multiple days per week as the new “normal” (Lister, 2020). This won’t necessarily be because it suits the employee but more that it suits the employer, saving money on overheads. The same working from home challenges will still exist and the negative impact on family life from the pandemic (due to increased stress which can often lead to conflict within a family) will be around for many years. Inevitably, this additional stress will negatively impact on their employment and who will be footing the bill for all those sick days due to stress? The employer.

Employers, Get Ahead of the Situation

As an employer, you have a legal responsibility for the mental wellbeing of your employees at work. However, it is beneficial to the employer and the employee to consider stresses at home – If an employer thinks about people’s personal lives and outside stressors, they will be able to anticipate stressful times and offer support at work to reduce stress-related sick days. Finding ways to reduce employee stress both at work and home offers high rewards. If employers can reduce stress, they can enjoy improved employee productivity, greater employee retention, and reduced sick related benefits costs.

South West Family Values are experienced in supporting families before, during and going forward from the pandemic and the changes this has bought to normal life.  We have a range of services to support employees with stressful situations at home that focus on improving family life and achieving a positive work – home balance.

Our parent therapists are qualified to post-graduate level and are accredited with the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists.  If you have an employee that is stressed at work due to problems at home, a parent therapist can help by working directly with the employee remotely, discussing challenges, identifying goals and using behaviour change methods, incorporating a range of strategies which are highly effective at improving social, emotional development and reducing negative cycles of behaviour. Studies indicate that parent therapy can reduce feelings of anger, guilt, and stress, particularly if the child has difficult behaviour problems.

Working Parents Who Have Received a Parent Therapy Service from SWFV Say…

“I had support from a parent therapist because I was concerned about my 4 year old’s anxiety at school and in large groups of children. His teacher said he was a bit of a loner at school and this was so worrying for me. Everyone just wants their children to be happy. I was struggling to focus at work, often getting teary after a particularly stressful school drop off if my child didn’t want to go in. I did the Timid to Tiger parenting programme with one of SWFV’s parent therapists. The results have been amazing. My little boy goes into school happy and full of confidence and my colleagues have noticed improvements in my attitude and output at work. Not worrying about how my child is getting on at school, I feel free to focus on my job!”

“I’d been struggling with my 7 year old daughter’s behaviour for about six months. Everything with her was a battle. It was getting to the point of causing rows between me and my husband and affecting our 5 year old too. I was so stressed out, work was the last thing on my mind. I didn’t know how to make things better and was so close to getting signed off sick. However, a friend recommended the Incredible Years parenting programme delivered by SWFV. I believe this programme saved my marriage and my job! The parent therapist was amazing, she really listened to everything I had to say and didn’t try to solve any of my problems but gave me the tools I needed to solve them for myself. I was able to continue working and I feel much happier now relationships at home are happy. I even use some of the strategies I learned on the parenting programme with colleagues at work, preventing potential conflict in the workplace!”

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If any of your employees could benefit with support from a parent therapist, why wait? The cost of a parenting programme is far less than the expense of long-term sick pay. Get in touch with us and start to see the long-term benefit that parent therapy has on employee output at work!

One Off Referrals: An initial assessment appointment with a parent therapist is £50 and will last approximately one hour.  If subsequent sessions are required or you would like to book a series of sessions, these will be £30 for 45 minutes.

Contracted Hours: You could have a dedicated parent therapist on hand for a designated number of hours each week. This means they are available for ongoing parenting programmes and support but also available to all employees via drop-in sessions or one off appointments to solve parenting challenges quickly before they escalate into more serious problems. Contact us for more details on pricing.


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