Family dynamics and how they affect child development

According to the National Library of Medicine, “Family dynamics refers to the patterns of interactions among relatives, their roles and relationships, and the various factors that shape their interactions. Because family members rely on each other for emotional, physical, and economic support, they are one of the primary sources of relationship security or stress.”

The very definition of family has dramatically evolved over time. In previous generations not only were families traditionally formed with a mom and a dad, but family used to stay close together. It wasn’t only the parents raising the children, but grandparents and other family members played an integral part.

Today, families can be spread all over the globe leaving us to adopt a core group of friends who become like family.  Family structure can even change every time you move, making it a fluid structure. Family structure and family dynamics are two very different things and all the different types of family structures will have a blend of both good and bad dynamics. The aim is to have more good dynamics!

So, how does your family dynamic affect your child?

The way a child views themselves, their relationships and the world around them is all determined by the family dynamics at home. Everything experienced as a child, consciously and unconsciously, impacts their choices as adults. This includes things like:

– The type of people they are attracted to
– What type of goals they set out for themselves
– How they handle conflict situations

Like us, I am sure you would like to achieve a healthy as possible family dynamic and maybe you’re wondering what that means? A healthy family dynamic is where:

🧡 Everyone in the family has a voice and is treated with respect
💛 There is a secure parent child bond
💚 The overall parenting style provides structure with rules in place, but is also flexible, understanding, and offers love
💜Everyone in the family feels loved, safe, and connected

If you’re looking to strengthen your family dynamics, contact us to see what programme would be best suited to you.