Tuesday 13th February 2018

Pictures speak louder than words……

A fabulous day of creating pasta and homemade tomato, garlic and herb sauce, followed by pancakes!

Desired outcome-

  • To provide a free activity families can access during February half term.
  • To provide a free nutritious meal for the whole family to eat and enjoy together.
  • To encourage child/adult interaction.
  • To enable parents/carers to create a healthy nutritious meal on a tight budget.
  • To give children an opportunity to learn new life skills within a safe, supervised environment.


7 families attended (8 adults) and 17 children.


You’ll see from the above photos all parents and children engaged well with this event and all mucked in.

All desired outcomes achieved.

Evaluations collected in at the end of the session highlighted that children and adults had a fun day and would like to attend another!


Quotes gathered on the day-

“The best pasta I’ve ever had.” – 10-year-old child.

“The best day ever!”- 10-year-old child.

“Today was really fun, the food was the best, plus I made it. It was the best food ever!” – 10-year old child.

“Nice all round day, we really enjoyed it. Thank you.” – Adult (dad).

“Really enjoyed the cooking session, it was a very good bonding experience. The food was yummy and the company was great too. Louise was excellent and good fun.” – Adult (mum).

Led by Louise Loram (SWFV) and Rob Page (Riviera Life ROC Centre).

Thank you to all the volunteers- Rob (ROC Centre), Tony (Retired Chef), Tracey (SWFV), Sue (SWFV) and Alex (SWFV).

Particular thanks goes to ISS for donating the ingredients for today, Rachel Carter (ISS) for meeting with Louise and organising the ingredients and Rob for working with Louise to support this project, providing his fabulous environment (Riviera ROC Centre) for free, oh and for sharing his juggling skills!!!

Fabulous partnership working guys!