Hello all you lovely people,

I just wanted to share with you a very successful Pond Dipping session today, thank you Cassie for supporting me with all of these sessions!!!

We had 12 families with 23 children attend today from across Shiphay, Priory, Sacred Heart, Oldway (siblings) and Kings Ash!!!

We had no accidents but plenty of VERY mucky, muddy, wet children going home!!!

All families, engaged well and encouraged children to take risks and enjoy the very muddy water! We had one granddad slip into the muddy water and let’s just say his chinos will never look the same again!!! He and his wife thought it was hilarious!!

Interestingly enough (although we all know this), after each session Cassie and I have a chat and we both reflected today that although we are aware of some of the challenging behaviours some of these children present in schools, not one child has stood out or even shown the slightest challenge or behaviour so far!
It just shows that the outdoor learning environment encourages children to thrive and experience positive outcomes, which some children never get to experience within an education provision. I know this is obvious to us Forest School practitioners, but so lovely to see with our own eyes.

Enjoy the summer guys, I’m just off to hose down all the resources ready for Monday and Tuesdays sessions!!

(Hope I won’t get a dry cleaning bill from the granddad!!! Lol)

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