Incredible years parenting programme

The programme is based on a parenting pyramid where the positive interactions form the foundations. The programme is designed to encourage parents to make changes to the way they interact with their children and to reinforce positive interactions.

There is a strong emphasis on parents’ coping strategies and the programme was underpinned by social learning theory, which guides parents to consider their own behaviour as role models to their children.

The programme does include behaviour management strategies, but these are introduced later in the programme to allow the positive interaction between parent and child to develop and in many instances this reduces the frequency of behaviour which requires intervention

Parenting Pyramid

Part one: strengthening children’s social skills, emotion regulation and school readiness (session 1 – 4)

Part two: using praise and incentives to encourage cooperative behaviour (session 5 – 6)

Part three: household rules, routines and effective limit setting (session 7 – 9)

Part four: positive discipline and handling misbehaviour (session 10 -14)

The Incredible Years Parenting Programme is designed to strengthen parent/child interactions and promote positive attachments and support parents to reduce harsh discipline measures. The programme also works with parents to promote their child’s social, emotional and language development to  support school participation. The overall aim is to reduce emotional and behavioural difficulties and increase academic attainment.

The ethos of the Incredible Years Parent Programme is to be inclusive. A facilitator will offer content and guidance but the parents are ultimately responsible for home practice and feedback. Each session follows a similar agenda with a proportion of time at the beginning to share home practice experiences, both
positive and negative, followed by the week’s session content and ending in home activity hand outs.

Hear From Our Clients

Please note that names have been kept anonymous for privacy of our clients.

The course was extremely helpful. The therapists were so supportive and we really looked forward to seeing them each week. I always felt listened to and came away feeling empowered each time that I can make a difference and things will improve. Every parent should be offered this service as things at home are much calmer and it’s a much happier place to be.


This programme was amazing and I am so glad that I did it. It has had a massively good impact and positive effect on my family and I am using tools and strategies consistently. My child has not been violent towards me since starting the programme and we have a much better relationship. It was suggested to me as a parenting course which made me worry at first and maybe should be worded as support around challenging behaviours course because I shouldn’t have been worried at all. The support and help that me and my child received throughout was amazing. It was adapted and tailored to ensure it met our needs. This course needs more publicity as it is brilliant!


You have been so approachable from day dot. It’s been such a pleasure working with you. I have felt so so supported. The therapist is just such a kind and genuine person and I really look forward to our chats each week. She has been super empowering. The therapists is very quick to notice when someone has shared an idea of good value and highlighting it! So encouraging peer involvement and an emphasis on the core values. I have learnt so much and will be sad to say bye.