Hi, does anyone suffer with terrible Mummy guilt?!

Being a mum of a 22 month old, a 4yr old and a 7yr old I am terrible for it, I beat myself up most days about something.

But just recently I’ve brought myself down by letting it get on top of me, after weeks of bugs coming home from school and one of them being ill in succession for what seems like an eternity,  an exhausted me has felt that I’m not doing a good enough job… how can I make them well? Am I feeding them the right food? Are they getting enough sleep.

That on top of that, there’s the usual day to day worries of

“Is the house clean and tidy?” Of course not – I have three young children!

“Have I filled the cupboards with enough healthy snacks?” Of course not, I gave up wasting money because all they want to eat is biscuits!

“Have I affected them by making the decision to go back to work two days a week so am unable to do the school run? Of course not because they love Grandad picking them up and going to his house to load up on sugar, so they won’t eat the healthy meal I’ve cooked for them!


“Am I spending enough time with my 22 month old who spends 2 days a week with his Grandma and Grandad?” Of course not – he loves the attention he gets from them.


So, there it is, I’ve decided this morning that MUMMY GUILT SUCKS and I’m not giving in to it anymore! (I probably will!! ?)

My children are loved unconditionally and they in turn love me back the same.

We are growing little people and sometimes… most of the time… it is blooming hard work.

But I for today am done with Mummy Guilt!

Written by a local Torbay mummy