Mini Explorers is a parent and toddler group that meets weekly on a Tuesday or Thursday morning, term time only, for 2hrs, between 9.30am-11.30am.

This unique provision is slightly different to most Forest School groups because we are based at Lupton House, within its ancient working orchard, where we have an abundance of fruits and wildlife to explore and discover.

This is a truly magical setting which is surrounded by ancient stone walling and natural hedgerow, giving adults some peace of mind.

During these sessions your mini explorers will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of new skills, that’ll build on their self-esteem, confidence, resilience and life skills whilst having fun.

Children will come across some risks and hazards but we see these as learning opportunities to help empower children to manage risks in future life. Activities promote and support social and fine and gross motor skills which will help prepare your mini explorers for their time ahead at School.

Forest School is a hands-on experience, with play being child led; we follow your child’s own curiosities and plan accordingly, so although each session is set up with a range of fun and exciting activities for your mini explorer to move freely between, if we observe that he/she has a particular interest or curiosity we will plan future sessions to meet this.

We meet at the fire pit at the beginning of each session, which will help your little explorer learn about safety but also enable them to take supervised risks. From there we explain what activities have been set out for the session, you and your child will then move freely within the 4-acre site, experiencing a wealth of new learning opportunities, from using a compost loo, exploring the enchanted garden where the fairies and elves live, hiding in the willow dome or hobbit house, making mud pies in the mud kitchen, going mini beast hunting, building bug hotels and shelters or just noticing our resident bees being busy!

At the end of the session we meet back at the fire pit to enjoy refreshments including hot choc with marshmallows and fresh fruit/snacks. This is a chance to reflect upon our busy session and to find out if there is something the mini explorers would like to do at future sessions.
These are your ‘Mini Explorers’ sessions so it’s important that we listen to what they enjoy doing.

We will always endeavour to follow their curiosity, although if it’s an African elephant they are wanting to see the following week, we may have to compromise a little bit!!!!
Sessions continue in wet weather and will only be cancelled in extreme weather conditions.
We have an onsite workshop/classroom where we can move to if need be, but in wet weather come prepared wearing wellies and waterproofs!



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