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Contribute your challenging and funny parenting moments/ stories with your children and stand a chance to get them published in our upcoming book.

At Family Values, we know being a parent can be challenging. However, having a sense of humour can make even the toughest situations with your children a little easier to handle.

So, we’re putting together a book that shares snippets of hilarious moments shared by parents as well as some valuable advice from our child therapists as to what behavioural patterns your story may indicate.

By submitting your comical story with us, you stand a chance to have your story published in our upcoming book AND receive a free copy of your own.

The themes that your story could follow are:
•Total meltdowns
•You just don’t get it
•The eyeroll
•Kids know best

Here’s an example of one of our stories, following the total meltdowns theme:

Let me set the scene. My daughter turned 3-years-old, and it was time to join kindergarten. Nap time was now changing from an early morning snooze at 10:30am to a much later 1pm. It’s day one and I pick up my daughter from school. She seemed a little “wired” but otherwise in high spirits and her usual cheerful self. But just five minutes into the drive home she starts crying like her favourite pet just died.

Heartfelt sobs with tears rolling down her cheeks, and I can’t even hear what she is trying to tell me through the aching cries from her broken heart. I pull over to the side and stop the car and ask her what is wrong. She repeats in a shivering tone that I drove
past “that” tree, and now she cannot see it anymore. We live in a suburb overgrown with greenery and about a million trees. But none of the trees on the rest of the drive home was “that” tree.

My poor little peanut butter biscuit and her aching heart. Over-tired
was clearly the word of the day.


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