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Do you have students who disrupt classes, show little engagement and struggle with poor attendance? Have you drawn on all the resources available to you and are now stuck on how best to support challenging students, or students with emotional and mental health challenges?

They could be the one in six children aged between 5-16 the NHS believes are suffering from mental health disorders.

Now we know the problem, how do we solve it? There’s only so much teachers can do at school. The situation is unlikely to change at school if it’s not changed at home.

At Family Values, we believe in working directly with parents. By supporting the parent to make positive changes at home, children are more likely to attend school and therefore improve attendance. They are happier and more engaged with lessons, and so attainment also increases. 

Our specially tailored parenting programmes are designed to support children’s mental and emotional well-being, reduce anxiety and reduce behavioural difficulties. We believe that by building positive relationships with the family first delivers a positive outcome at school.

We work with many schools locally who refer youngsters to us. Please see below for more details of our programmes.


More Details About Our Services

Family Values has a team of psychological therapists trained at post-graduate level to deliver evidence-based interventions which are targeted at reducing anxiety, depression and conduct disorder in children and young people. We do this by working directly with children and young people who are experiencing mental health difficulties and/or by working with parents of children with mental health difficulties. This level of therapy is specifically designed to target children who do NOT meet the threshold for local CAMHS services but who, if left untreated, are highly likely to develop severe psychological disorders resulting in the requirement for statutory interventions from CAMHS or children’s social care. FV has been delivering these interventions for over 5 years but at this moment in time, we are seeing an increase in demand for services for children experiencing anxiety, depression, emotional dysregulation and conduct disorders.

The services available for commissioning locally are:

Helping the Non-Compliant Child (HNC) – 4 to 8 Years –
This is a clinical intervention, delivered by a fully qualified PG Dip Psychotherapist in Parent Therapy. The HNC programme is quite different to other interventions as it is delivered within the family home or school and includes both the parent and the child together in the sessions with the overall aim of developing a positive relationship between parent and child.  The programme does not follow a strict “session” guide but rather parents have to evidence that they have implemented each strategy before moving along the programme.  Treatment typically lasts between 6 and 10 sessions. This is therefore a great opportunity for those parents who are stuck in patterns of negative learnt behaviour, those parents that need more support than they would get in a group parenting programme or those parents that have tried lots of strategies but have not seen an improvement in their child’s behaviour.

This programme is a treatment programme rather than a prevention programme and it is targeted for children who present with behaviours typically seen with oppositional defiance disorder and/or conduct disorder.  This is likely to be children who display defiance, aggression, destruction of property, deceit, poor concentration and those that are highly challenging for parents.  It is targeted at children aged between 4 – 8 years (or those that are developmentally within this age range). 

From Timid to Tiger – 5 to 11 Years – This is a clinical intervention, delivered by a fully qualified PG Dip Psychotherapist in Parent Therapy. From Timid to Tiger is a parenting-based approach to managing anxiety in primary school aged children. It is based on evidence that anxious children benefit from a parenting style that is clear, calm and consistent whilst being sympathetic to the symptoms that children feel as a result of anxiety. The sessions will offer practical tips and advice on things that parents can do to help their child cope with their anxiety and overcome challenges they face.

Incredible Years Parenting Programme – 0 to 8 Years – This is a clinical intervention, delivered by a fully qualified PG Dip Psychotherapist in Parent Therapy. The Incredible Years Parenting Programme is designed to strengthen parent/child interactions and promote positive attachments and support parents to reduce harsh discipline measures. The overall aim is to reduce emotional and behavioural difficulties and increase academic attainment. The ethos of the Incredible Years Parent Programme is to be inclusive. A facilitator will offer content and guidance, but the parents are ultimately responsible for home practice and feedback. Each session follows a similar agenda with a proportion of time at the beginning to share home practice experiences, both positive and negative, followed by the week’s session content and ending in home activity handouts.

Drawing and Talking Therapy – Minimum age 5 Years – This is a clinical intervention, delivered by a fully qualified PG Dip Psychotherapist in Parent Therapy. Drawing and Talking is a safe, non-intrusive therapeutic method of working with children who may have underlying emotional difficulties, or have suffered some form of trauma, loss or upheaval which is preventing them from realising their full potential. The minimum age is 5 years and there is no maximum age range. Sessions are for 30 minutes, usually in school and the course runs for 12 weeks.

Teen Behaviour Programme – Family Values original programme, co-written by fully qualified PG Dip Psychotherapists in Parent Therapy and school teachers for Family Values. This is an 8 session parenting programme focussed on social and emotional coaching, educating parents on psychology and anxiety, strategies to manage anxiety, praise for positive behaviour, clear instructions and appropriate consequences.

If you would like more information or a chat to us please get in touch. The cost of the service is £550 per referral which includes an assessment, and up to ten sessions. All we need is a completed referral form and a purchase order number.

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Testimonials from Schools

I have noticed a significant difference in how dad manages the children coming into and out of school. He is much more in control and is clearer with the children about boundaries. He calls them back if they do not walk with him and he also expects them to show good manners. It is clear that your work has made a significant difference. 

Headteacher St Paul's Catholic Primary School


Our Pastoral Team has been really pleased with the work that Family Values have been doing with our families. The parent therapists are great at communicating with us and we have had really positive feedback from those families they have been working with. We are looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Pastoral Team, Copnor Primary School


The work of our Family Values practitioner provided a really professional, honest and collaborative partnership with us as a school in order to support a child and their family. It is a valuable and enhancing organisation that has helped shape a consistent approach and the Parent Therapist has been a reassuring presence, constantly offering advice and guidance. I can't recommend enough!

SENCo, Droxford Junior School