Tearing your hair out as your teenager takes you for granted? Wondering where that lovely little child who chatted away all day disappeared to – and how they turned into a large grunting teenager?

Mark’s podcast tells you how he brought hope and some useful techniques to parents just like you!

Teen Triple P is an Evidence-Based Parenting group programme which helps parents understand their teenagers’ development and manage teenage behaviour in a constructive and non-hurtful way.

Based on good communication and positive attention (helping teenagers to develop the skills they need to become mature adults), it uses guided discussions, video clips, interactive activities and behavioural rehearsal techniques to give all parents a safe and supported space to think about their relationships, past experiences as teenagers themselves and what goals they would like to achieve for themselves as parents and for their teenagers.

The groups cover ways of maintaining a positive relationship, having a positive learning environment, using assertive discipline, understanding teenager’s emotions, dealing with risk- taking behaviours and taking care of yourself as a parent.

What’s not to like?

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Credit: Interviewer: Tracey Brennan, Editor: Craig Brennan-Osment, Music Composer: Mark Kime