The local CCG has recently funded South West Family Values to deliver a pilot parenting group project based on the ‘Timid to Tiger’ model.

The ‘Timid To Tiger’ programme has been developed into a group programme running for 10 weeks by South West Family Values based on the work of Ben Laskey who wrote the book ‘Timid To Tiger’. This idea is adapted from Webster Stratton’s Incredible Years programme.

It is a group programme for up to 8 parents to attend weekly sessions to help build extra parenting skills and help them specifically with problems relating to child anxiety which may sometimes have its roots in anxiety in parents.
SWFV worked with Babbacombe and St Marychurch school to deliver the group.

The outcomes hoped for from the group were that parents would become more confident, children would be less anxious, happier and more engaged in school.

The group ran for 10 weeks and was facilitated by Tracey Brennan with help from a member of the pastoral team at St Marychurch school who also kindly provided a room.

Mark Kime and Tracey Brennan adapted the programme to a bespoke group model, and we hope that this project can be rolled out to include more schools in the future following the successful pilot of which we are proud. However, don’t take our word for it, have a listen to our live interview with Tanya, one of the parents who attended all of the sessions. She gave us her thoughts on what she got out of it and we are releasing it as podcast that Tanya hopes may encourage other parents to take up opportunities to get involved in parenting groups in Torbay.

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Credit: Mark Kime and Tracey Brennan